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European Alcohol & Health Forum. (2009) Targeting / not targeting youth: Mapping exercise report. European Alcohol & Health Forum.

PDF (Targeting / not targeting youth: Mapping exercise report)

Commitments to submit information were made by EASA (European Advertising Standards Alliance) on SROs (Self Regulatory Organisations) and also the issue of how is youth involved, CARAT on behalf of Diageo on data in markets and periods of time of youth exposure, the different producer trade associations, and EGTA (association of television and radio sales) on advertising and viewing profiles and EuroCommerce on alcohol in the retail sector. All data contained within the report was collected from members of the Forum, therefore the report represents a review of this data and not an exhaustive systematic review. In Europe there is no common definition of minors, however for the purposes of this report and following the definition used in the data supplied by economic operators, minors shall be considered as under the age of 18.

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