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McElrath, Karen and McEvoy, Kieran (2001) Heroin as Evil: ecstasy users' perceptions about heroin. Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy , 8 , (2) , pp. 177-189.

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Information gleaned from several studies suggests that non-opiate drug users view heroin and heroin users in negative terms. The present study examines this issue in greater detail through analysis of Ecstasy users' perceptions about heroin, heroin users and injectors. The data were collected through in-depth interviews with 98 current or former users of Ecstasy who were recruited through various methods in 1997-98.

The findings confirm earlier reports and suggest that Ecstasy users tend to distance themselves from heroin users. The data also show that several Ecstasy users tend to believe that bad experiences with Ecstasy can be attributed to tablets laced with heroin. Explanations for these findings are offered.


Item Type:Article
Page Range:pp. 177-189
Publisher:Informa healthcare
Keywords:attitude and behavior as an AODC, attitude toward others, heroin, individual attitude toward AOD, MDMA, Northern Ireland
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Subjects:VA Geographic area > Europe > Northern Ireland
B Drugs and alcohol substances > CNS stimulants > MDMA > Ecstasy
B Drugs and alcohol substances > Opioids (opiates) > Heroin
A Drugs and alcohol use, abuse, and dependence > Prevalence of drugs and alcohol use > Drugs and alcohol use behaviour

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