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Edinburgh reports drop in HIV. (19 Dec 2006)

Does ecstasy cause long term brain damage? (18 Dec 2006)

Crime journalist praises work of Western Region Drugs Task Force. (14 Dec 2006)

Further Funding of almost €1.35 Million for Projects in Tallaght Tackling Drugs Misuse. (04 Dec 2006)

Six heroin-related deaths investigated. (02 Dec 2006)

US prison population rising sharply as a result of drug laws. (01 Dec 2006)

New research published by the Office of Tobacco Control shows that 16% of 12-17 year olds smoke. (28 Nov 2006)

A new working Programme 2007-2010 to be adopted at the Pompidou Group ministerial conference. (21 Nov 2006)

European Commission adopts Communication on reducing alcohol related harm in Europe. (25 Oct 2006)

Number of people in UK using cocaine at work increasing. (25 Sep 2006)

Alarming increase in speedballing in UK. (14 Sep 2006)

School expulsion for cannabis unlawful says UK High Court. (01 Sep 2006)

Western European levels of binge drinking high according to prenatal exposure study. (30 Aug 2006)

Hemp ban to end in California. (29 Aug 2006)

Troubled times for Guinness. (29 Aug 2006)

WHO is seeking views and opinions of stakeholders on health problems related to alcohol consumption. (17 Aug 2006)

Scottish prevention campaign says smoking heroin just as dangerous as injecting. (15 Aug 2006)

Substance misuse - consultation on the evidence. (11 Aug 2006)

UK Select Committee reports on drug classification. (01 Aug 2006)

Drug classification rethink urged. (31 Jul 2006)

EU Commission improves dialogue with civil society on EU drugs policy. (26 Jun 2006)

Deprivation is at the root of much drug misuse - Scottish Drugs Forum. (23 Jun 2006)

Medical Bureau of Road Safety report shows huge problems with drug and drink-driving. (21 Jun 2006)

EU to launch Green Paper to look at drug use in society. (20 Jun 2006)

Consultation on parental drug use. (19 Jun 2006)

Expert calls for complete ban on alcohol advertising. (02 Jun 2006)

Community workers warn of new drug on Belfast streets. (24 May 2006)

Scottish MP calls for birth-control additive in methadone. (12 May 2006)

Global meth users outnumber cocaine and heroin users combined. (11 May 2006)

Self-regulation by drinks industry can benefit everybody, says UK group. (06 Apr 2006)

Ecstasy use in UK increasing steadily, research shows. (04 Apr 2006)

New UK police force to tackle organised crime. (29 Mar 2006)

Card game used to boost drugs awareness. (28 Mar 2006)

Smoking affects recovery from alcoholism, according to research. (20 Mar 2006)

UK alcohol treatment available to only '1 in 18 addicts'. (15 Mar 2006)

Final report of the Task Force on Student Behaviour in Second Level Schools - School Matters. (14 Mar 2006)

Mentor UK Alcohol Misuse Prevention Awards Scheme. (06 Mar 2006)

Prisons and Beyond - conference presentation. (21 Feb 2006)

Gardai seize over €3m cocaine in Dublin. (15 Feb 2006)

2006 National Drug Control Strategy launched in US. (09 Feb 2006)

Fall in UK crime rates following relaxation of drink laws. (08 Feb 2006)

Railway Safety Commission to be launched today. (08 Feb 2006)

Screening adds prevention to treatment - SAMHSA initiative. (06 Feb 2006)

Random drug test for motorists not part of planned legislation. (05 Feb 2006)

Expert warns of trend in pre-teen drug use in Scotland. (31 Jan 2006)

Sale and use of magic mushrooms banned. (31 Jan 2006)

Minister welcomes increase in the number of detections for possession of drugs for sale or supply. (26 Jan 2006)

US agency website offers news and resources on recovery. (25 Jan 2006)

Govt & DPP in disagreement on cannabis smokers. (24 Jan 2006)

Population Drug Prevalence Survey: Expressions of interest for repeat survey 2006/2007. (23 Jan 2006)

Cannabis should remain a class C drug, say UK government advisors. (13 Jan 2006)

3% have tried cocaine, says drugs committee. (12 Jan 2006)

Dealing with anti-social behaviour - UK measures described. (10 Jan 2006)

UK report on khat may lead to ban. (05 Jan 2006)

UK Drugs Act 2005 takes effect from 1 January. (03 Jan 2006)

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