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Some key documents

(2015) Alcohol and other drug use: the roles and capabilities of social workers, Manchester University. full text  

This document sets out the roles and capabilities of UK social workers in relation to substance use.


(2013) Someone to care: the mental health needs of children and young people in the care and youth justice system.  full text
This report hears from eight young adults who have been through the care system and yet show remarkable resilience.


(2011) Hidden realities: children's exposure to risks from parental drinking in Ireland.  full text  / summary article 
The findings of this research will provide valuable new evidence on the extent of the problem, establish baseline measures against which future activities can be measured and help inform the development of appropriate support family mechanisms .


(2012) Essential information for social workers. British Association of Social Workers: Young people & alcohol. full text 
Alcohol & older people full text: Children, families & alcohol use full text: Mental health & substance use full text 


(2012) Effective supervision in social work and social care. Social Care Institute for Excellence. full text


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