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Health issues

Some key documents

(2016) Improving prison conditions by strengthening the monitoring of HIV, HCV, TB and harm reduction. Mapping report Ireland. Full text/ summary

Prison monitoring is often separated from health care inspection guidelines, thus leaving gaps in terms of coherent recording and monitoring. This report is part of a larger international project that seeks to address this gap.


(2014) Study on the prevalence of drug use, including intravenous drug use, and blood-borne viruses among the Irish prisoner population. Full text / Summary

This study describes the nature, extent and pattern of consumption for drugs among the prisoner population. It aims to identify associated risk behaviours and to measure the uptake of individual drug treatment and harm reduction interventions in prison.


(2014) People who inject drugs: infection risks, guidance and data. Full text 

People who inject drugs are vulnerable to a range of viral and bacterial infections. Infections can result in high levels of illness and in death.


(2013) The mental health of young people in Ireland: a report of the Psychiatric Epidemiology Research across the Lifespan Group Dublin. Full text 

This report provides prevalence rates of mental disorder, substance use, deliberate self-harm and suicidality among young Irish people aged 11-24 years.  


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