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Van Hout, Marie Claire and Bingham, Tim (2011) General Practitioner attitudes, experiences and perspectives on the provision of methadone maintenance treatment. [Research Project]

Methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) is recognised as an effective treatment for heroin dependence (Dole and Nyswander, 1966; Ball and Ross, 1991; Amato et al., 2005; Raby et al., 2008; Clausen et al., 2008). However, methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) is not without problems, and most particularly in terms of organization of treatment (Joseph et al., 2000; Jaffe and O Keeffe, 2003) and stigma relating to its use which has restricted its efficacy and optimum service provision (Latowsky and Kallen, 1997; Joseph et al., 2000; Bell et al., 2002; Vigilant, 2004; Van Hout and Bingham, 2011). General practitioner (GP) involvement is not without its issues, with reluctance grounded in perceived lack of skills and expertise, workload, concerns around safety and aggressive patients, and attitudes to drug users (Langton et al., 2000; Abouyanni et al., 2000; McGillion, 2000; Ford and Ryrie 2000; Matheson et al., 2003). Research consistently highlights GP s' training needs in this area (Bell and Zador, 2000; Ford and Ryrie, 2000; Strang et al., 2004; Delargy 2008; Kaner et al 2009; Gabbay et al., 2010) alongside efforts to reduce health professional negative stereotypical opinions and attitudes toward problematic drug users (Miller et al., 2001; Merill et al. 2002; Landy et al. 2005; Henderson et al., 2008; Lloyd, 2010; Gjersing et al., 2010). The research consists of 25 in depth interviews with prescribing GPs and builds on an earlier study in the Dublin North area which underscored the need for improved general practitioner (GP) and service user consultative relations in MMT (Van Hout and Bingham, 2011).


Start Date:1 November 2011
End Date:31 March 2012
Research Status:In Progress
Funding/Commissioning:Dublin North East Drugs Task Force (Commissioning & Funding Body)
Dissemination Method:Published Report, Peer-reviewed Paper
Quantitative Method:Systematic review, Survey (face-to-face)
Qualitative Method:None
Item Type:Research Project
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Subjects:VA Geographic area > Europe > Ireland
T Demographic characteristics > Doctor
HJ Treatment method > Drugs and alcohol disorder treatment method > Drugs and alcohol replacement method (substitution) > Methadone maintenance
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Treatment and maintenance > provider attitude toward treatment

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