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Zoller, Heather M and Dutta, Mohan J (2008) Emerging perspectives in health communication: meaning, culture, and power. Routledge.

This is an excellent scholarly text that applies a variety of interpretive, critical, and cultural approaches to community, national, and international health issues. The book is theoretically grounded, applies multiple interpretive approaches, includes research from academic scholars and practitioners, and addresses timely health issues within the context of our global community. The result is a richness and depth of understanding how the interaction of meaning, culture, and power are critical to appreciating the complexities of health communication in the 21st century. Eileen Berlin Ray, Cleveland State University With this volume Zoller and Dutta make a significant contribution to the increasing centralization of interpretive, critical and cultural perspectives in health communication scholarship. Featuring the work of both established and emerging scholars from several disciplines, the book provides an excellent overview of the richness and variety of the communities, health issues, theories, and methods these scholars engage in their efforts to understand the complexities of the relationships among health, meaning, culture, and power. This book belongs in the library of anyone who has a commitment to challenging the status quo, to embracing culture, and to conducting scholarship differently. Leigh Arden Ford, School of Communication, Western Michigan University [publisher's text]

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