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Houlahan, Jack (2007) A ghost in daylight: making sense of substance misuse. Dublin: Veritas .

The inability to deal with substance misuse is a universal human problem. No country has discovered a failsafe way of tackling it. In Ireland there is an annual public outcry about an ever-deepening drinking culture but once the outcry is over the problem subsides below consciousness. Strategies are created and launched and quickly forgotten. Everybody is aware of the problem in their own family or neighbourhood and everybody has their own opinion on causes and remedies. Why then does nothing seem to work? After demonstrating the shortcomings of previous models of addiction, Jack Houlahan identifies a pattern that all human use of substances has in common. In A Ghost in Daylight, the general reader will find many popular stereotypes re-examined in a way that will illuminate their own experience; the specialist addiction worker or researcher will find reason to challenge first principles; a new approach to counselling and advice work is suggested; the policy-maker will find a firm foundation for what will be the first attempt at an integrated policy for dealing with the range of issues we group under the title 'substance misuse'.

Item Type
Call No
AA2, VH4.2
108 p.
Place of Publication
AOD use, Ireland
Accession Number
HRB 4184 (Available), HRB 4381 (Available)

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