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Mayock, Paula and O'Sullivan, Eoin (2007) Lives in crisis: homeless young people in Dublin. Dublin: Liffey Press .

Lives in Crisis reports on the findings of a study of 40 homeless young people in Dublin city. It documents their journeys "into" homelessness and traces the life experiences and events subsequent to them becoming homeless. Among other issues, the book deals with the experience of being homeless; the challenge of surviving on the street; relationships and friendships; drug use and criminal activity; experiences of bullying, violence and victimisation; health and health-related behaviour; help-seeking and coping strategies; and service use and service utilisation.

Lives in Crisis provides a detailed overview of the prevalence of youth homelessness in Ireland and outlines the services and interventions designed to meet the needs of homeless youth in an Irish context. Written in a highly accessible style, the book tells the real-life stories of homeless young people in Dublin. In their own words, these young people give us a better understanding of the experience of homelessness based on their living "out of home", that is, on the street, in hostels or in other unstable living situations. This groundbreaking book explores the lives of homeless youth, their accounts of how events unfolded in their lives and the meanings they attach to becoming and being homeless.

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Keywords:homelessness, young adult, underage drinker, intravenous drug user, Ireland
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