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Solowij, Nadia (2000) Cannabis and cognitive functioning. International research monographs in the addictions Cambridge: Cambridge University Press .

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Is the cognitive function of long-term regular cannabis users impaired, and if so, what is the nature of this impairment? This timely and well-argued volume provides an extensive and comprehensive critical review of the literature relevant to cannabis and cognitive functioning, examining the evidence in the light of important recent findings on the pharmacology and neuropsychology of cannabis. Her conclusion, that long-term cannabis use produces subtle but enduring impairment in memory, attention and the organization and integration of complex information, will be of compelling interest to a wide range of clinicians, researchers and policy makers.

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Pages:xvi, 2
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Place of Publication:Cambridge
Keywords:AOD use duration, Cannabis, brain function, cognitive ability, agents for AOD-related cognitive impairment
Notes:Includes an appendix, an index and bibliographical references.
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G Health and disease > State of health > Physical health
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