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Medawar, Charles and Hardon, Anita (2004) Medicines out of control? antidepressants and the conspiracy of goodwill. The Netherlands: Aksant.

Medicines Out of Control focuses on a drug crisis that is still in the making: the control and consumption of mood-regulating drugs, such as Prozac and other antide-pressants and a much wider problem: continuing human dependence on corporate and professional power. Medawar and Hardon describe the moments and events that led to the establishment of a government inquiry in The Netherlands on the risk of drug-induced dependence and suicidal behavior with antidepressants. The study provides context for the findings of this inquiry, and reviews the limitations of a drug safety system in which the regulators routinely investigate what others might conclude to be their mistakes. The authors explain the situation as "history repeating itself": from barbiturates to tranquilizers and now antidepressants. Medawar and Hardon expect that the unfolding of the antidepressant crisis will reveal the need for "a complete re-think about medicinal drug utilization and its adverse effects on health." They anticipate that this crisis may prove to be a watershed in drug control, as was thalidomide.

This is a unique and penetrating discourse on the safety of medicines and the ethos of pharmaceutical medicine--and their impact on personal safety and health--which has relevance beyond The Netherlands. It can be expected to provoke thought and deep controversy among researchers interested in the use and abuse of drugs for years to come. It is a model for researchers and specialists interested in evaluations research and social auditing.

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Incudes bibliographical references and a glossary.
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