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Marcovitch, Harvey, ed. (2006) Black's medical dictionary. London: A & C Black .

Black's Medical Dictionary first appeared in 1906. That new century was to see health care in the United Kingdom evolve from a largely personal, paternalistic consultation between doctor and patient, based more on medical tradition than medical science, to a complex, science-based, team-oriented and managed service. The emergence of the informed patient was largely responsible for this change, and publications like this dictionary, the contents of which have during its forty-one editions reflected these changes in medicine, have served as a catalyst.

The forty-first edition of Black's Medical Dictionary provides over 5,000 definitions and descriptions of medical terms and concepts, along with over 100 diagrams and drawings including several pages of color illustrations, and is accompanied by appendixes on important subjects such as the National Health Service (including selected statistics), Health Economics, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Common Medical Tests, and an address list of support and professional organizations. Where relevant, entries contain appropriate cross-references to further information. All material has been checked and updated with new or substantially revised entries. This home compendium is invaluable for all who need an authoritative one-volume medical reference book.

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Edition:41st ed.
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