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Perry, Amanda and McDougall, Cynthia and Farrington, David P, eds. (2006) Reducing crime: the effectiveness of criminal justice interventions. Wiley Series in Psychology of Crime Polcing and Law Chichester: John Wiley .

How can we reduce criminal behaviour? This important volume presents an extensive review of over 100 studies assessing the effectiveness of criminal justice interventions in the reduction of crime. It draws together information about where, for whom, and critically, at what cost the interventions are effective in reducing and deterring crime.

Each chapter discusses the research evidence, current policy and practice, and findings from the review, including: In-depth evaluation of what works, for whom, where Analysis of the costs and benefits of interventions Discussion of future research and policy directions Reducing Crime is essential reading for academics, students and researchers in forensic psychology, criminology, social policy and economics. It will also be a valuable resource for policy makers, criminal justice decision makers and probation and police officers.

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Keywords:AOD use, AOD use behavior, AOD use control, evaluation, AODD treatment, crime, police, crime prevention, probation, law enforcement and the justice system, criminal justice system, diversion program, United Kingdom, Drugs
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