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Resnik, Hank, ed. (1990) Youth and drugs: society's mixed messages. OSAP prevention monograph ; 6 Rockville, Md.: U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. Office for Substance Abuse Prevention.

This book examines societal influences that promote drug use, and considers how "mixed messages" are sent to American youth regarding the acceptable use of alcohol and other drugs (AOD). The book also examines public and private sector policies, practices, and regulatory initiatives aimed at reducing and eliminating alcohol and other drug problems. Robert L. DuPont desribes the history of environmental approaches to the prevention of alcohol and other drug use. "Illicit Drug, Tobacco, and Alcohol Use Among Youth: Trends and Promising Approaches in Prevention" (Lawrence Wallack and Kitty Corbett) reviews the recent history of AOD abuse prevention efforts and concludes that a broad-based, comprehensive approach is needed.

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