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Plant, Martin and Plant, Moira (2006) Binge Britain: alcohol and the national response. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Alcohol has played a major part in British life for centuries. It has led to the rise and fall of governments, financed wars, provoked civil disorder and even acts of terrorism. In many countries, alcohol consumption has been decreasing in recent years, yet in Britain we are drinking more and more, and from an earlier age. With the relaxation of licensing hours throughout the UK, there is real concern that we are heading for an epidemic of binge drinking.So why does this problem not arise in continental Europe? Why are British adolescents drinking more now than ever? What will be the effect of the relaxation of licensing hours? Why have so many city centres become no-go zones, filled with social unrest and violence?

In 'Binge Britain', the first ever book on binge drinking, two of the leading authorities on alcohol and its problems take a look at the UK and its alcohol addiction. They review the role of alcohol in Britain during the past 1,500years, look at why our drinking culture is maintained, and why politicians seem reluctant to act to reduce the problem. They look at the power of the alcohol industry, and the huge amount of money it contributes in taxes.Highly topical, informative and accessibly written, 'Binge Britain' provides an overview and critique of recent developments in alcohol consumption, alcohol-related social problems, the development of recent policy and the national response to this policy.

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