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Heather, Nick and Robertson, Ian (1997) Problem drinking. Oxford: Oxford University Press .

Problem drinking aims to bridge the wide gap that exits between the modern, scientific account of the nature of alcohol problems, and the popular understanding of the subject. In particular, it presents detailed evidence and arguments against the commonly accepted view that 'alcoholism' is best regarded as a disease. Instead, it outlines an alternative approach to alcohol problems, based on the premise that they are best seen as example of socially learned behavior.

In the third edition, the authors have brought the book up to date by covering the major developments that have taken place in recent years, in particular in the field of genetics. The book is also one of the first to discuss the results and recommendations for the 5 year long Project MATCH study, probably the most extensive alcohol study ever undertaken, the results of which are due to be published in 1997. The book provides a useful textbook for students undertaking courses in alcoholism, as part of psychology and psychiatry degrees, and provides practical advice for counsellors, social workers, and health promotion officers.

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