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Finley, James R and Lenz, Brenda S (2005) The addiction counselor's documentation sourcebook: the complete paperwork resource for treating clients with addictions. Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley .

This book presents all the requisite forms that addiction treatment professionals need - a crucial time-saver in today's health care system. Treating addiction in today's health care environment means that mental health professionals must manage an imposing amount of paperwork. Government and private grant funding, insurance and benefits programs, regulatory compliance, and the need for data on treatment effectiveness (evidence-based treatment) all require proper documentation. If these forms are missing, the results can range from bureaucratic headaches to problems serious enough to close a practice.

Now fully updated and revised, "The Addiction Counselor's Documentation Sourcebook: The Complete Paperwork Resource for Treating Clients with Addictions, Second Edition" provides the most useful and current forms for accurate and comprehensive documentation and record keeping. These ready-to-use forms will save you and your practice hours that would otherwise be spent creating and collating them, freeing you to devote more energy to the important matters of treatment.A companion CD-ROM includes all documents in Word format so you can customize them according to the unique needs of your practice. Covering every aspect of mental health practice for addiction treatment, this fully revised second edition also includes: critical forms updated to help providers achieve HIPAA, JCAHO, and CARF compliance; unique handouts, exercises, and facilitator guides for use in individual and group therapy; and, a comprehensive CD-ROM featuring all forms in Word format, as well as PowerPoint slideshows for every psycho educational presentation in the book. "The Addiction Counselor's Documentation Sourcebook, Second Edition" is an essential time saving resource that allows any professional practicing or working in the field of addiction treatment the freedom to give more of their time and energy to the people they serve.

Item Type
Call No
243 p.
John Wiley
Place of Publication
Hoboken, N.J.
2nd ed
addiction, counselor, counselor-patient relations, AODD counselor
Includes CD-ROM.
Accession Number
HRB 2972 (Available)

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