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Lyder, Andre (2005) Pushers out: the inside story of Dublin's anti-drugs movement. USA: Trafford .

The author, an experienced anti-drug activist, describes the struggle of Dublin working class communties to overcome an epidemic of heroin abuse during the 1980s and '90s. Led, variously, by the Concerned Parents Against Drugs (CPAD) and the Coalition of Communities Against Drugs (COCAD) organisations, the campaign captured headlines as a result of the policy of directly confronting drug pushers. At the same time pressure was continually applied to the government and statutory agencies for concerted action to address the drug crisis.

While successful in mobilising communities and impacting on the heroin problem the campaign was marked by continuous conflict with the authorities and dogged by criticisms of vigilantism. It was also accused of being a front for the Irish Republican Army (IRA). This memoir provides an insider's account of the campaing which hte author describe as 'undoubtedly one of the most significant social movements to emerge from Dublin's working class communities.'

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