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Kilcommins, Shane and O'Donnell, Ian and O'Sullivan, Eoin and Vaughan, Barry (2004) Crime, punishment and the search for order in Ireland. Dublin: Institute of Public Administration .

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This book surveys the transformation in crime and punishment in Ireland from the late eighteenth century to the present day. It is informed by some of the most recent and influential thinking within criminology and asks whether Irish society has become conditioned by a pervasive fear of crime which fuels a punitive attitude towards offenders.

It draws on a wealth of previously unexplored archival, statistical and policy-related material to explain how the Irish criminal justice system has arrived at its present state, and to assess whether rehabilitation has ever really been its guiding principle. It examines how the system has adapted to a long-term increase in the crime rate.

A firm comparative and historical perspective is maintained throughout the book, which it is hoped will become a touchstone for future debates in Ireland, and a valuable resource for scholars in other countries.

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Publisher:Institute of Public Administration
Place of Publication:Dublin
Keywords:crime, crime and violence, criminal justice system, criminology (field), Ireland
Notes:Includes tables, figures and bibliographic references.
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