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Hulse, Gary and Cape, Gavin and White, Jason, eds. (2002) Management of alcohol and drug problems. Oxford: Oxford University Press .

The main goal of this book is to introduce the student or practitioner to the fundamentals of alcohol and drug misuse as applied to a clinical setting, complete with assessment, diagnostic and management strategy and tools.

Item Type:Book
Call No:GC2
Pages:404 p.
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Place of Publication:Oxford
Keywords:AOD substances in general, physical AODD identification/diagnosis, AOD history, history of AOD use, history of alcohol use, history of AOD public policy, history of AOD production, New Zealand
Notes:Includes tables, figures, index and bibliographic references.
Accession Number:HRB 2841 (Available)
Subjects:P Demography, epidemiology, and history > Substance use history
MP-MR Policy, planning, economics, work and social services > Policy > Policy on substance use
B Substances > Drugs and alcohol in general
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Risk and needs assessment > Needs assessment

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