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Strang, John and Gossop, Michael, eds. (2005) Heroin addiction and the British system, Volume I: origins and evolution. London: Routledge .

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The British system of dealing with drug addiction is notable for its flexibility and its capacity to adapt to changing circumstances. As such it has attracted considerable international interest. In this linked pair of books, the reader is invited on two illustrated journeys. In this first volume, the focus is on the evolution of the drugs problem and policy in the UK, from the Rolleson report to hepatitis C. The second volume explores the different forms of treatment which were employed over the 20th century, either as initiatives which would have been identifiable at the time as "new" or as broad themes within the British system which can be seen more clearly over a longer time frame. Presenting an objective account of the development of policies and treatments, this study enables a proper understanding of how these have evolved and what lessons are applicable today.

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