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Kilcommins, Shane and O'Donnell, Ian, eds. (2003) Alcohol, society and law. Chichester: Barry Rose Law Publishers .

Item Type:Book
Call No:BB, MM2.2
Publisher:Barry Rose Law Publishers
Place of Publication:Chichester
Keywords:alcohol consumption, alcohol abstinence, alcohol abuse, AODR crime, crime committed in AODR state, alcohol offense, legal issues, Ireland
Notes:Contains tables and bibliographic references.
Accession Number:HRB 2613 (Available), HRB 2614 (Available)
Subjects:A Substance use, abuse, and dependence > Substance related societal (social) problems
VA Geographic area > Europe > Ireland
VA Geographic area > Europe > United Kingdom
B Substances > Alcohol
MM-MO Crime and law > Substance related offence
MM-MO Crime and law > Crime > Substance related crime
A Substance use, abuse, and dependence > Prevalence > Substance use behaviour > Alcohol consumption

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