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Grant, Marcus and O'Connor, Joyce, eds. (2004) Corporate social responsibility and alcohol: the need and potential for partnership. ICAP series on alcohol in society New York: Routledge .

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This is the eighth book in the International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP) series on alcohol in society. ICAP is a not-for-profit organisation funded by ten international alcohol companies, some of which have contributed to this volume. The book is co-edited by Joyce O'Connor, president of the National College of Ireland, who has served as chair of the World Health Organization expert committee on alcohol and the workplace.

This book advances the debate on the rights and responsibilities of those involved in developing alcohol policies by exploring the relationship between alcohol, ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR involves a broad commitment by companies to social welfare and the common good and to the policies that support them.

This volume examines the need and potential for CSR in the beverage alcohol industry and discusses the issues involved in terms of alcohol policy, public-private partnership, public health perspectives and government regulation. A number of chapters focus on CSR as applied to the advertising of alcohol and its promotion to young people, setting standards for responsible consumer marketing, and developing solutions for abusive drinking on campus.

Further chapters present examples of practices to be encouraged and avoided, successful alcohol education programmes, and guidelines for responsible action and commitment to positive values already inherent in the industry. Each chapter is followed by a comprehensive list of references and the book has an eight-page index.

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