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Denning, Patt and Little, Jeannie and Glickman, Adina (2004) Over the influence: the harm reduction guide for managing drugs and alcohol. New York: Guilford .

Twelve-step programs that insist on abstinence are beneficial to many--but what about the millions of Americans who try to quit and fail, just want to cut down, or wish to work toward sobriety gradually?

This groundbreaking book presents the Harm Reduction approach, a powerful alternative to traditional treatment that helps users set and meet their own goals for gaining control over drinking and drugs. The expert, empathic authors guide readers to figure out which aspects of their own habits may be harmful, what they would like to change, and how to put their intentions into action while also dealing with problems that stand in the way, such as depression, stress, and relationship conflicts. Based on solid science and 40+ years of combined clinical experience, the book is packed with self-discovery tools, fact sheets, and personal accounts. It puts the reader in the driver's seat with a new and empowering roadmap for change.

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Keywords:AOD use control, controlled AOD use, controlled drug use, AODD recovery, behavior therapy, AODU harm reduction, drug utilization control, self-help group participant
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