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Mahan, Sue (1996) Crack cocaine, crime and women: legal, social, and treatment issues. Drugs, health and social policy series volume 4 London: Sage .

An up-to-date consideration of women who are plagued by crack cocaine addiction, Crack Cocaine, Crime, and Women provides integral information on the legal, lifestyle, and treatment issues specific to these drug addicts. Author Sue Mahan discusses the divergent perspectives surrounding the controversial status of these women and offers insight into their tormented reality.

In a clear and practical manner, Mahan examines the common patterns of crack-addicted women and the implications for policy and practice. This informative volume also addresses the tragic consequences of children born to addicted mothers and stresses the need for policies and resources that support their well-being. Crack Cocaine, Crime, and Women offers a broad and informed perspective on the problem of crack-addicted women for a wide range of urban human service professionals, including counselors, social workers, law enforcement personnel, public health professionals, women's services providers, criminal justice professionals, and advanced students preparing to work in these fields.

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Keywords:crack cocaine, pregnancy, AODD treatment method, AODD treatment, women's health service, subculture
Notes:Contains bibliographic references and index.
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