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Durrant, Russil and Thakker, Jo (2003) Substance use and abuse: cultural and historical perspectives. London: Sage .

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Substance Use and Abuse: Cultural and Historical Perspectives provides an inclusive explanation of the human desire to take drugs. Using a multidisciplinary framework, authors Russil Durrant and Jo Thakker explore the cultural and historical variables that contribute to drug use. Integrating biological, psychosocial, and cultural-historical perspectives, this innovative and accessible volume addresses the fundamental question of why drug use is such a ubiquitous feature of human society.

Addressing issues important to prevention, treatment, and public policy, the authors include
o A comprehensive, historical survey of drug use
o An exploration of the evolutionary basis of drug-taking behavior
o Historically and culturally based explanations of drug use and abuse
o Inclusive approaches that complement mainstream biopsychosocial perspectives

Item Type:Book
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Pages:311 p.
Place of Publication:London
Keywords:history, cultural patterns of AOD use, AOD culture, AOD history, history of AOD use, history of alcohol use, history of AOD prevention, history of AODD treatment, history of AOD public policy, history of AOD production
Notes:Includes tables, bibliographic references and index.
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Subjects:P Demography, epidemiology, and history > Substance use history
A Substance use, abuse, and dependence > Theory of substance use
MA-ML Social science, culture and community > Sociocultural aspects of substance use > Societal attitude toward substance use
HJ Treatment method > Substance disorder treatment method
VA Geographic area > International aspects
F Concepts in psychology > Attitude and behaviour > Attitude toward substance use
MA-ML Social science, culture and community > Type of society and culture
G Health and disease > Disease model > Biopsychosocial disease model
R Research > Type of research study > Research involving two or more groups > Cross-cultural study

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