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Waal, Helge and Haga, Egil, eds. (2003) Maintenance treatment of heroin addiction: evidence at the crossroads. Oslo: Cappelen Akademick Forlag .

Although maintenance treatment of heroin addiction has been an accepted approach for more than thirty years, there are considerable variations in practice and guidelines. Accordingly, we should scrutinise our choices in light of scientific evaluation, which leads us to the key questions of this book: what are beliefs and what are the facts in the field? What is "good" and effective treatment according to recent research? This book is a follow-up to the 5th Conference of the European Opiate Addiction Treatment Association (EUROPAD) held in Oslo, from May 14-16, 2002 and features contributions from the conference which aimed to bring scientific rationality to the debate regarding maintenance treatment.

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Publisher:Cappelen Akademick Forlag
Place of Publication:Oslo
Keywords:heroin, methadone maintenance, prevention, treatment, and maintenance. health care, conference proceedings, opiate agonist maintenance agents
Notes:Contains bibliographic references.
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