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Bell, Judith (1999) Doing your research project: a guide for first-time researchers in education and social science. Buckingham: Open University Press .

Since it was first published 1980s, Doing Your Research Project has become something of a 'bible' for first-time researchers in social science. This third edition reflects advances in technology and methodology and positions the book to support researchers in the twenty first century. Doing Your Research Project assumes that the reader has no prior knowledge of research methodology or experience of carrying out research. Written in lucid, plain English, it takes the reader step by step through each stage of preparing for, carrying out and writing up a research project.
Judith Bell speaks directly to the beginner student, frequently introducing examples from her own experience of, for example, supervision, the problems of getting access to data, and so on. There are regular checklists to help students monitor the progress of their own projects and the book is full of examples of good practice and warnings about pitfalls to be avoided.

The third edition contains new material on Narrative Inquiry, Supervision, Intellectual Property, Ethics, Finding and Searching Information Sources (including an extensive section on use of electronic resources such as CD Roms and the Internet), and the production of Literature Reviews.

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