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Charleton, Peter and McDermott, Paul Anthony and Bolger, Marguerite (1999) Criminal law. Dublin: Butterworths .

Written by three expert barristers, this all-embracing guide provides a comprehensive academic and practical explanation of the criminal law, from the various elements of liability and participation to specific offences such as homicide and sexual offences, and includes a detailed treatment of the various defences that may be raised.

Item Type:Book
Call No:MN8.10, VH4.2
Pages:cv, 12
Place of Publication:Dublin
Keywords:illegal drug use, homicide, criminal law, law (field), Ireland
Notes:Includes index.
Accession Number:HRB 1596 (Available)
Subjects:MM-MO Crime and law > Law enforcement and the justice system
VA Geographic area > Europe > Ireland
MM-MO Crime and law > Substance use laws

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