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Dorn, Nicholas and Jersen, Jorgen and Savona, Ernesto, eds. (1996) European drug policies and enforcement. Basingstoke: MacMillan Press.

Drug problems present sharp challenges for policing and democracy in the European Union. Across Europe, there has been a 'harmonisation' of tougher anti-trafficking measures (exceptional legal powers, more intrusive policing methods, cooperation on intelligence). Yet there is diversity in national and city-level policies on drug users (often stressing social integration rather than punishment). These hard/soft policies towards traffickers/users collide at 'open drug scenes', invoking disparate and often volatile responses. The collection presents vivid experiences of drug policy-making at city, regional, national and Union levels. It goes on to examine future prospects for drug control within the EU, in confederal and intergovernmental contexts, following the Union's 1996 Conference. Finally, international dimensions are examined. Action against money laundering is both commended and criticised. EU policies on trade, development and drug control in the Andean region are examined, together with the somewhat mixed prospects for drug enforcement in the context of EU enlargement.

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International, Book
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Substances (not alcohol/tobacco)
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MP18.2, VH4
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MacMillan Press
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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