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Friedman, Sharon M and Dunwoody, Sharon and Rogers, Carol L, eds. (1999) Communicating uncertainty: media coverage of new and controversial science. LEA's communication series Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Exploring the interactions that swirl around scientific uncertainty and its coverage by the mass media, this volume breaks new ground by looking at these issues from three different perspectives: that of communication scholars who have studied uncertainty in a number of ways; that of science journalists who have covered these issues; and that of scientists who have been actively involved in researching uncertain science and talking to reporters about it. In particular, Communicating Uncertainty examines how well the mass media convey to the public the complexities, ambiguities, and controversies that are part of scientific uncertainty. In addition to its new approach to scientific uncertainty and mass media interactions, this book distinguishes itself in the quality of work it assembles by some of the best known science communication scholars in the world. This volume continues the exploration of interactions between scientists and journalists that the three coeditors first documented in their highly successful volume, Scientists and Journalists: Reporting Science as News which was used for many years as a text in science journalism courses around the world.

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Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
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Mahwah, NJ
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