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Cousineau, Maria-Marthe and Brochu, Serge and da Agra, Candido, eds. (2002) Drugs and crime deviant pathways. Aldershot: Ashgate .

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The contributors to this study examine the extended processes that are involved when drugs become determinative for other forms of deviant behaviour. They present a multidisciplinary approach to the study of drug abuse and crime.

Item Type:Book
Call No:MM2.2
Pages:xvi, 2
Place of Publication:Aldershot
Keywords:AOD use, illicit drug, adolescent, AODR crime, drug dealing
Notes:Includes index and bibliographical references.
Accession Number:HRB 1259 (Available), HRB 1257 (Available)
Subjects:MM-MO Crime and law > Crime > Substance related crime
MM-MO Crime and law > Substance related offence > Drug offence
T Demographic characteristics > Adolescent / youth (teenager / young person)

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