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Pringle, Dennis G and Walsh, Jim and Hennessy, Mark, eds. (1999) Poor people, poor places: a geography of poverty and deprivation in Ireland. Dublin: Oak Tree Press.

Most of the material for the book Poor People, Poor Places was originally presented at a conference organised, with financial support from the Combat Poverty Agency, in the National University of Ireland, Maynooth on behalf of the Geographical Society of Ireland by Jim Walsh (Combat Poverty Agency), Mark Hennessy (Trinity College Dublin) and myself in September, 1996. The book contains revised versions of most of the papers presented at the conference, supplemented by a couple of commissioned papers and additional chapters by the editors.

The fourteen chapters are organised into four themes:
• Empirical studies of the spatial distribution of poverty, including census and survey-based research;
• Analyses of urban poverty, including case studies of deprived urban neighbourhoods;
• Theoretical and empirical perspectives on rural poverty, access to services and rural development;
• Critiques of international and national spatial policy responses to poverty, including current area-based strategies.
There is also a substantial concluding chapter, which assesses the relevance of geography to our understanding of poverty in Ireland and to the search for appropriate policy interventions.

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