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Prevention Science is an evolving field with many years of research, we want to invite you to access the video to the left where we provide an introduction to evidence-based prevention by answering the 10 key prevention questions [20 minute video]. 

1. What is psychoactive substance use? 

2. How can Prevention Science help to address Psychoactive Substance Use in the real world?

3. What are Evidence-based Prevention Interventions and Policies?

4. Why is it important to address the Developmental Nature of Psychoactive Substance Use?

5.Why do prevention staff need to know Critical Theories?

6.How does the Etiology Model explain why people get involved with substances?

7.What are the Environments for Prevention?

8.How does positive Socialization play a role in prevention?

9.What are the goals in Training Prevention Professionals?

10.How do Prevention Ethics get addressed?

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