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Decorte, Tom (2000) The taming of cocaine: cocaine use in European and American cities. Criminological Studies Brussels: VUB University .

The Taming of Cocaine is based on longitudinal ethnographic fieldwork in the Antwerp club scene and repeated in-depth interviews with 111 experienced cocaine users. The overall theme of the book is the genesis and development of informal control mechanisms (social sanctions and rituals) among these illegal drug users. The Belgium data are compared consistently to the findings of other comparable community studies in European and American cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Turin, San Francisco, Toronto, and in Scotland and Australia.

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Pages:xx, 49
Publisher:VUB University
Place of Publication:Brussels
Keywords:Europe, multiple drug use, cocaine, cocaine in any form, addiction, sexual relations, workplace context, ethnography, United States, Australia, club scene, Drug Abuse
Notes:Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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