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Colvin, Rod (2002) Prescription drug addiction: the hidden epidemic. A guide to coping and understanding. Omaha: Addicus.

The book answers these questions:
• How does addiction “rewire” the brain?
• What happens if the drugs are stopped abruptly?
• What are the symptoms of addiction?
• Who’s at risk for addiction?
• When does proper medical use become addiction?
• How do most people become addicted?
• What are the symptoms of withdrawal?
• What is the difference between addiction and physical dependence?
• What are the top 20 most-abused prescription drugs?
• What is the proper use of benzodiazepines?

How can you leave prescription drugs behind?
• Learn how they become addicted.
• Find out how they made it into recovery.
• What were the turning points in their lives that made them seek recovery?
• What is their advice to others who are struggling?

Treatment for addiction—What’s involved?
• What are the treatment options?
• What is a medical detox?
• What is in-patient treatment?
• What is out-patient treatment?
• What is a partial-day treatment plan?
• What is rapid detox for opiate addiction?
• Does insurance pay for treatment?
• What is relapse prevention education?

How can family members ease their pain?
• What can family members do to help the addict and themselves?
• What does it mean to enable an addict?
• Find out if you’re enabling the addict.
• What are the levels of enabling?
• What is a family intervention?
• How can you set up an intervention to get your loved one into treatment?
• Understand that addiction is a progressive disease.

Advice from addiction medicine specialists
• Addiction is an illness.
• How to build on hope.
• Be cautious with benzodiazepines.
• Stages of chemical dependency.
• Addiction to pills means greater denial.
• Addicts are not having fun.
• Warning signs of addiction.
• How to avoid isolating, a trigger for relapse.

A helpful guide for overcoming prescription drug addiction [publisher description]

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