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Nolan, Brian and O'Connell, Philip J and Whelan, Christopher T, eds. (2000) Bust to boom? The Irish experience of growth and inequality. Dublin: Institute of Public Administration.

This book, which was launched at a conference to mark the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the ESRI, was mainly written and edited by ESRI staff along with some outside contributors. It examines in depth the key factors leading to Ireland's transformation and how the social and economic structure of the country has been affected. The study synthesises a great deal of the work done in the Institute over the last decade to elucidate the complex interplay of economic, social and political forces which have shaped Irish society. It begins by putting the profound transformation that the country has experienced in international perspective and goes on to analyse its determinants. There follows a detailed discussion of the relationship between policy and performance across a number of domains - the labour market, the educational system and the class structure, the distribution of income and the extent of poverty, political culture and the social partnership process. The book concludes by looking to the future and considering the challenges which face the distinctive Irish model of economic and social development.

1. Introduction Brian Nolan, Philip J O'Connell, Christopher T Whelan
2. The Irish Economy in Comparative Perspective John Bradley
3. The Story of Ireland's Failure - and belated success John Fitz Gerald
4. The Dynamics of the Irish Labour Market in Comparative Perspective Philip O'Connell
5. The Rising Tide and Equality of Opportunity: the Changing Class Structure Richard Layte, Christopher Whelan
6. Education and Inequality Emer Smyth, Damian F Hannan
7. Earnings Inequality, Returns to Education and Low Pay Alan Barrett, John Fitz Gerald, Brian Nolan
8. Income Inequality Brian Nolan, Bertrand Maitre
9. Trends in Poverty Richard Layte, Brian Nolan, Christopher T Whelan
10. Taxation and Social Welfare Tim Callan, Brian Nolan
11. Cumulative Disadvantage and Polarisation Richard Layte, Brian Nolan, Christopher T Whelan
12. The Spatial Distribution of Disadvantage in Ireland Tony Fahey, James Williams
13. Gender Equality, Fertility Decline and Labour Market Patterns among Women in Ireland Tony Fahey, Helen Russell, Emer Smyth
14. Political Culture, Growth and the Conditions for Success in the Irish Economy Rona Fitzgerald, Brian Girvin
15. Social Partnership, Wage Bargaining, and Growth Niamh Hardiman
16. The Role of the State in Growth and Welfare Sean O Riain, Philip O'Connell
17. Conclusion: the Irish Experience of Growth and Inequality Brian Nolan, Philip O'Connell, Christopher T Whelan

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