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Schinke, Steven P and Botvin, Gilbert J and Orlandi, Mario A (1991) Substance abuse in children and adolescents: evaluation and intervention. Developmental clinical psychology and psychiatry; Newbury Park Ca: Sage.

As the title suggests, this volume focuses on the ever-increasing problem of child and adolescent substance abuse. Substance Abuse in Children and Adolescents is unique because it devotes particular attention to the evaluation of intervention programs aimed at preventing substance abuse among youth. The authors elaborate on the scope of substance abuse, current theory and research regarding causes and risk factors, and alternative intervention approaches. Various types of interventions and approaches are broadly outlined from community-, school- and media-based interventions to more traditional forms of inpatient and outpatient treatments. Both treatment and prevention programs are detailed to better convey current research program applications. In addition, a particularly noteworthy discussion on evaluation of intervention programs and dissemination of these programs beyond the confines of research is presented.

Written by three uniquely qualified authors, this authoritative volume offers researchers, students, and practitioners a practical resource for understanding and dealing with a topic of clinical and social significance. "What this book does best is provide guidelines for developing a research and service program for adolescents who are at risk for abusing substances. The issues that need to be dealt with in designing, implementing, evaluating, and disseminating a program and place are presented and explained thoroughly. . . . [This book] will help a diverse group of individuals understand and avoid the pitfalls of designing, implementing, and evaluating prevention and intervention programs for adolescents who are abusing substances." -Contemporary Psychology.

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