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Murphy, Tim (1996) Rethinking the war on drugs in Ireland. Undercurrents Cork: Cork University Press .

The author put forward an argument for the legalisation of drugs currently controlled by law. The 'war on drugs', in which drugs are regarded as a 'scourge' or 'menace' to society which must be stamped out, was analysed. The author came to the conclusion that it was based on a set of ideas which have never been adequately explored or reviewed. He argued that both political figures and the media tended to simplify and then magnify issues in the area, forming a single threatening entity, 'drugs', which must be fought against at all costs. This book examined historical perspectives on drug prohibition and their effectiveness, described drugs in terms of set and setting, and then as they related to issues of morality and criminal sanctions. Finally, the author examined the failure of prohibition, and put forward the case for legalisation.

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