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Comberton, James (1982) Drugs and young people. Paperfacts 7 Dublin: Ward River Press .

This book advocates taking a strong stand against drugs, since experience with the effects of drugs on youngsters 'demonstrates again and again that the easy way, or the 'hope for the best' attitude, will not match the influence and power of drugs'. The author presents information and advice on the problems associated with drug use to the parents of young people. It covers a range of issues including how to protect your home, communicating with young people, danger signals that parents should look out for, and co-operating with other parents and with the school. The book highlights the personal story of one young drug user and provides a description of life at the Coolmine Lodge Therapeutic Community. Finally, common drugs of abuse are described, with one chapter devoted to 'The truth about cannabis'. Appendices provided advice on what to do in an overdose emergency, on treatment and rehabilitation, and on helping parents to help themselves. A bibliography on cannabis and a guide to drug slang are also included.

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International, Book
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Substances (not alcohol/tobacco)
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AA2, TA14, VH4.2
203 p.
Ward River Press
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0 907085 37 7
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HRB 743 (Available), HRB 1302 (Available), HRB 744 (Other)

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