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Drummond, Edward H (2000) The complete guide to psychiatric drugs: straight talk for best results. New York: John Wiley .

A complete guide to knowing your treatment options and taking control of your therapy If you think you may have a psychiatric problem or if you have been diagnosed with one, this book will help you get the best possible treatment. Written by top expert Edward Drummond, the book arms you with all the information you need to fully understand your treatment options and make informed decisions about the drugs you take. Dr. Drummond separates fact from hype to give you the real, complete story about all the psychiatric drugs currently prescribed. In plain English, he explains how each drug works, which symptoms the drug will improve and which it might not, side effects and how to manage them, precautions that should be taken, and much more.

Drawing upon his years of experience helping patients understand their illnesses and take charge of their treatments, Drummond:
• Explains what is currently known about the causes and cures of virtually all recognized psychiatric disorders
• Describes the full range of medications that have been proven effective against them
• Helps you to determine whether or not you should try medication
• Provides guidelines for using medications safely and sensibly and for getting the best results with them
• Explores dietary treatments, exercise, relaxation techniques, meditation, self-hypnosis, yoga, and other non-drug therapies
• Explains how to combine drug, non-drug, and alternative therapies for maximum benefit

Your complete guide to choosing and using medication and other treatments for Anxiety • Panic Attacks • Agoraphobia • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder • Phobias Posttraumatic Stress Disorder • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder • Bipolar Disorder Depression • Autism • Asperger’s Disorder • Drug Dependence • Anorexia • Bulimia • Insomnia Psychosis • Schizophrenia • Schizoaffective Disorder • Delusional Disorder • Alzheimer’s Disease

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