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Seivewright, Nicholas (2000) Community treatment of drug misuse: more than methadone. London: Cambridge University Press.

In recent years, methadone has been the treatment of choice for heroin dependency. This approach has had considerable success, but as a result other treatment options have been neglected. This book draws on the author's direct clinical experience and makes use of international research findings to provide a comprehensive and detailed guide to service provision and treatment for drug misuse, including methadone and alternative opiate substitutes, detoxification methods, naltrexone and relapse prevention, and possible approaches with non-opiate users. Coverage places emphasis on social factors in drug misuse and dependency, and the consequent treatment issues and practical difficulties. Illustrative case studies are featured throughout the text. Combining a highly practical approach with a strong research base, this book will be an essential resource for psychiatrists and other professionals involved in the management of drug misuse.

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International, Book
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Treatment method, Alternative medical treatment
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HK2.10.2.2, ML4
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Cambridge University Press
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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