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Gootenberg, Paul, ed. (1999) Cocaine: global histories. London: Routledge .

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Originally a medical miracle, cocaine is now a dangerous pariah. Drawing on exciting international perspectives,Cocaineanalyzes and rethinks the origins of the modern drug. For the first time a book brings together the world's leading writers on the history of cocaine. Themes explored include: the manufacture, sale, and control of cocaine in the United States; Amsterdam's complex cocaine culture; Japan and the Southeast Asian cocaine industry; export of cocaine prohibitions to Peru; and sex, drugs and race in London.'Cocaine' unveils new sources and covert social, cultural and political transformations that reveal cocaine's hidden history. Contributors: Luis Astorga, H. Richard Friman, Paul Gootenberg, Steven B. Karch, Marek Kohn, Marcel de Kort, Ethan Nadelmann, Mary Roldán, and Joseph F. Spillane.

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Keywords:cocaine in any form, AOD history, history of AOD use, history of AOD public policy, history of AOD production
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