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McDowell, David M and Spitz, Henry I (1999) Substance abuse: from principle to practice. Philadelphia: Brunner Mazel.

The use of substances, both natural and manufactured, is a worldwide practice that spans the length of human history. Whether for the purpose of enhancing mood, altering consciousness, or promoting spiritual enlightenment, these substances are often abused, leading to psychological, physical, spiritual, and societal harm. Because of its wide-ranging impact, substance abuse is a significant and complex phenomenon affecting the lives of just about everyone. This book offers a comprehensive, yet condensed, overview of this enormous field of study in an attempt to help all interested readers in the field of human health and understand the different facets of this ever-growing problem. Substance Abuseis designed as a "one-stop shopping" tool for anyone interested in or affected by this problem. It provides detailed discussions that include the history, chemistry, biology, epidemiology, and salient characteristics of the most important substances of abuse.

The authors provide clear and comprehensive explanations of available treatment options and address important social issues connected to substance abuse. The book is an important source of practical, up-to-the minute information, making it a necessity for anyone who must have ready access to accurate, concise information regarding substance abuse.

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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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