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Kosten, Thomas R and Kleber, Herbert D, eds. (1992) Clinician's guide to cocaine addiction : theory, research, and treatment. Guilford Substance Abuse Series New York: Guilford .

"Redundancy is unavoidable in any multiauthored book, but it is minimal in this volume. The material from basic research and relevant clinical data is well-organized. The state-of-the-art knowledge is derived from data from direct clinical research on cocaine addiction rather than from the extrapolation of opinions and dogma from some related alchoholism literature.

This book is recommended as a textbook on cocaine addiction for psychiatrists who work mostly with chemically addicted patients and as an authoirative source book for general psychiatrists who may from time to time seek a quick reference on cocaine addiction. After reading this book, the clinician can better understand or handle his or her next cocaine-addicted patient more competently and comfortably." --American Journal of Psychiatry

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