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Dorn, Nicholas and Henderson, Sheila and South, Nigel, eds. (1992) AIDS: women, drugs and social care. Social Aspects of AIDS London: Falmer .

Examines the circumstances, experiences and needs of HIV-positive people in Britain and Ireland, and particularly focuses on female drug-users and ex drug-users.

Item Type:Book
Call No:GH16.12.2, TE10, VH4
Pages:x, 135
Place of Publication:London
Keywords:psychological response to stress, retroviral disease, HIV infection, female
Notes:Includes bibliographical references and index.
Accession Number:HRB 161 (Available), HRB 162 (Available), HRB 2395 (Available)
Subjects:T Demographic characteristics > Person who injects drugs (Intravenous / injecting)
G Health and disease > Disorder by cause > Communicable disease > Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)
MP-MR Policy, planning, economics, work and social services > Social services
VA Geographic area > Europe > Ireland
VA Geographic area > Europe > United Kingdom
T Demographic characteristics > Woman (women / female)
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Treatment and maintenance > Patient attitude toward treatment

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