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Rotgers, Frederick and Keller, Daniel S and Morgenstern, Jon, eds. (1996) Treating substance abuse: theory and technique. Guilford Substance Abuse Series New York: Guilford.

• Introduction / Frederick Rotgers, Daniel S. Keller and John Morgenstern
• 1. Theory of 12-Step-Oriented Treatment / John Wallace
• 2. Facilitating 12-Step Recovery from Substance Abuse and Addiction / Joseph Nowinski
• 3. Psychoanalytic Theories of Substance Abuse / Jeremy Leeds and Jon Morgenstern
• 4. Exploration in the Service of Relapse Prevention: A Psychoanalytic Contribution to Substance Abuse Treatment / Daniel S. Keller
• 5. Theoretical Bases of Family Approaches to Substance Abuse Treatment / Barbara S. McCrady and Elizabeth E. Epstein
• 6. Family Therapy Techniques / James R. McKay
• 7. Behavioral Theory of Substance Abuse Treatment: Bringing Science to Bear on Practice / Frederick Rotgers
• 8. Behavioral Treatment Techniques for Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders / Thomas J. Morgan
• 9. Motivation and Addictive Behaviors: Theoretical Perspectives / Bill Saunders, Celia Wilkinson and Tania Towers.
• 10. Motivational Interviewing in Practice: A Structured Approach / Alison Bell and Stephen Rollnick
• 11. Integrating Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy in Substance Abuse Treatment / Kathleen M. Carroll.

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