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Beck, Aaron T and Wright, Fred D and Newman, Cory F and Liese, Bruce S (1993) Cognitive therapy of substance abuse. New York: Guilford .

'Cognitive Therapy of Substance Abuse' was written in response to the ever-growing need to formulate and test cost-effective treatments for substance abuse disorders. Representing a major advance for meeting this pressing need, cognitive therapy offers a well-documented and demonstrably efficacious psychosocial treatment model. Emanating from the research and practical experience of Aaron T. Beck and his colleagues, this book demonstrates how cognitive therapy can be easily replicated by therapists and counselors alike. This volume concentrates on clinical procedures in a way that is both teachable and testable. An ideal treatment manual that can be utilized independently, or in conjunction with psychopharmacological or 12-step programs, [this book] will be valued by all mental health practitioners who work with substance abusers, regardless of their orientation or the extent of their previous experience with either cognitive therapy or substance abuse.

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Keywords:AOD use, abuse, and dependence, cognitive therapy, AODD treatment
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