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Denning, Patt (2000) Practicing harm reduction psychotherapy: an alternative approach to addictions. New York: Guilford .

This book presents an innovative model for the treatment of clients with alcohol and substance abuse problems. For the first time, the goals and methods of harm reduction are incorporated into a multidimensional psychotherapeutic approach. Denning demonstrates that traditional, abstinence-based approaches are inappropriate for many persons who seek help for psychological or emotional problems, and shows how effective therapeutic work can be conducted even with individuals who are still using drugs.

The focus is on reducing the damage done by drug use while respecting each client's needs, priorities, and life choices. A comprehensive clinical rationale is provided, and readers are taken step by step through assessment and treatment. Intervention strategies are described in depth, illustrated with extended case examples. Topics covered include addressing the difficulties with affect and trust that are often found in substance using persons, neurobiological aspects of addiction, and working with dual-and multi-diagnosis patients. Applications to consultation and training are also discussed. Grounded in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and public health principles, this book will be of immediate practical value to clinicians in a wide range of settings.

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Keywords:AOD abuse, psychotherapy, AOD prevention, AODU harm reduction, harm reduction
Notes:Foreword by G. Alan Marlatt. Includes bibliographical references and index.
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