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World Health Organization. (2018) Toolkit for parties to implement Article 5.2 (a) of the WHO FCTC [Framework Convention on Tobacco Control]. Geneva: World Health Organization.

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The toolkit is organized around four key steps – two political and two technical – for the effective establishment, strengthening and sustained functioning of a national tobacco control coordination mechanism. A total of 10 tools are provided, and designed to be adapted to the specific contexts of each Party. The toolkit concludes with an annotated checklist of key tobacco control governance principles and considerations for Parties. Best practice country case studies from Parties have been included and it is envisaged that more will be added based on feedback from users across Parties, to provide tobacco control focal points with even stronger guidance, and to facilitate South South and Triangular learning on a continuous basis.






Step 1. Secure POLITICAL BUY-IN for a coordinated tobacco control response.

Assess the general situation of tobacco control in the country. Craft arguments why ministries other than health, as well as civil society, should be involved in tobacco control and sensitize key stakeholders.

1. Guidelines for conducting a rapid/general tobacco control situation analysis

2. Stakeholder-specific arguments for tobacco control

3. Entities to consider for inclusion on the NCM, and their potential roles and responsibilities

Step 2. Develop and secure a FORMAL AGREEMENT on a national multisectoral response.

Adopt a law, presidential decree, executive order, or other agreement as appropriate to secure political mandate for coordinated work on tobacco control.

4. Options for establishing or strengthening the NCM, including sample legislation, a sample decree and a sample letter to the executive branch

5. Model Terms of Reference for the NCM, NCM representatives, NCM Secretariat, tobacco control focal point, and NCM chair / president


Step 3. Establish and LAUNCH a mechanism to bring a range of stakeholders to the table.

Convene an initial meeting to address technical aspects of multi-sectoral coordination.

6. Draft invitation letter to convene an initial NCM meeting

7. Sample agenda for the initial and second meeting of the NCM

Step 4. FINALIZE all aspects the NCM and ENSURE accountability from representatives and the NCM.

Finalize and agree upon NCM charter, ToRs, and rules of procedure. Establish a workplan for the NCM. Require accountability from representatives by establishing an accountability framework, and take measures to protect the NCM from tobacco industry interference.

8. Sample rules of procedure

9. Sample initial workplan for the NCM, including transparency, accountability and reporting

10. Model code of conduct for NCM members

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